BBC Listings viewer for Android


For Android phone owners in the UK, BBC Listings is a viewer and search assistant for the BBC’s TV and Radio schedules.

Users select from a list of channels, then view the schedules for that channel, one day at a time. Clicking on a program shows you a synopsis, and allows you to add a reminder to your Google calendar. Sky+ users can set their Sky+ boxes to record BBC TV programs by a text message.

(This message is prepared by the application and sent from the phone, but requires the phone to be registered for the Remote Record service with Sky. Refer to the Sky website for how to register, and costs and limitations of the Sky+ text message Remote Record service.)


Because it gets its data from the BBC’s web services, internet access is required. Currently, one week’s worth of future listings and one week’s worth of past listings are available.

To search the listings press Menu and Search. Results are returned sorted by channel and then by date.


Look for the application in the Android market (requires a UK registered mobile) or download it directly here


This application is free software. Supported by


0.9.1 : The first published version.


If you have any comments or queries about this application, please leave them on this blog.

  1. mark’s avatar

    Bbc listings excellent app very useful any chance of adding bbc hd channel

  2. jimblackler’s avatar

    Hi Mark, I am limited to the channels in by the XML feeds provided by the BBC.

    They don’t seem to include the HD channels for some reason.

  3. max’s avatar

    how do you set your skybox to connect with the phone.


  4. jimblackler’s avatar

    Google “Sky Remote Record” and follow the linked instructions.

  5. oranda’s avatar

    Is there any chance of you adding BBC HD?

  6. AB’s avatar

    Great application, how about regional listings

  7. Grant’s avatar

    Nice app Jim – if you could add regional BBC listings it would be perfect. Cheers!

  8. dave’s avatar

    Could not get. Coast. BBC Two. 06/08. 18:00. to work until I changed it to Coast. BBC2. 06/08. 18:00 so I am not sure all the syntax options have been tested.

  9. david warner’s avatar

    Application seems to have stopped getting feeds for radio 4 & 5

  10. am’s avatar

    The radio listings have recently stopped working. It just returns a blank screen for all the radio stations. Has been an excellent app so hope u can fix this issue.
    HTC desire 2.1

  11. David’s avatar

    Hi – I am having trouble loading the app in to my HTC Desire? Is there anything I can try?

  12. Ian’s avatar

    This is such a great app but it has now stopped working, please fix it Jim.

  13. Ian Spiers’s avatar

    This app used to work. When I check out a channel now I only get a white screen with, Previous Day, Now, Tomorrow options, all of which produce no nothing. this app used to work. what’s wrong?

  14. waltergs’s avatar

    Hi jim in the code sample, there is a bin called ‘Utils’ (net.jimblacker.Utils), i didnĀ“t find in your src directory

  15. Tony Wicks’s avatar

    Jim, I’ve just moved from iPhone to a Galaxy S3 and downloaded this app (I relied heavily on the Radio Times app on the iPhone, but they don’t have one for Android). I get “
    RETRY” which loops and does nothing.
    Jim, I’m absolutely desolate – are you not able to support this app now? I would happily pay for it, as I’m sure would many others in my position.

  16. jimblackler’s avatar

    Unfortunately I have to confess that the app is broken because the BBC don’t maintain the listings feed any more.


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