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    Are you the microdot game programmer?

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    I love your program. It has kept important events right in front of my face for a week now and has kept me on my A game.

    Is there any way to create sticky notes for the ANDROID desktop with calendar events on them? I know picture frames are possible, so maybe something that creates a small JPG with the text of a calendar event or something so I can frame it for the desktop. I would absolutely use that for important events of mine.

  3. jimblackler’s avatar

    Hi Gary

    Many thanks for the kind comment!

    Unfortunately at present the only things you can put on the Android desktop (also known as the Home Application) are the built in widgets (clock, search bar, and picture frame). There is no way to plug in user-generated widgets.

    If this changes in the future I will definitely write a ‘now and next’ calendar widget. That was the original idea in fact.


  4. Jeremy Platt’s avatar


    Any idea why your News widget has stopped refreshibf suddenly within the last few weeks

    I am using a Galaxy S7 Edge and it has worked fine for the last 2 years on it and also on many other Andriod devices?

  5. Jim Smith’s avatar


    Been using your UK & World News app, it’s great nice and simple for many years now but today it’s stopped working.

    Using Samsung Galaxy S10+

    I sent an email to you but its bounced back


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