NPM (node.js library) version of my tree diagram generator, and a new interactive demo site

Posted by jimblackler on Jan 8, 2023

In 2014 I published a tree diagram generation tool (link). I’ve had a modest amount of positive feedback over the years so I decided to update it to use modern JavaScript (ES6) plus TypeScript  and package it as an NPM project. It’s amazing how much the web world has moved on in the last eight years, and giving something a polish can be surprisingly satisfying.

The differences were so significant that I felt a new GitHub repo was appropriate. It’s here.

I’ve also developed a new online version of the tree generator that can act as a diagram generator, demo and playground for the tool. It has a new IDE-like design, thanks to the excellent GoldenLayout library. It’s here

Once again the tool is free software offered under an Apache 2.0 licence. As always, any questions can be reported as an issue on GitHub, or by emailing me at jimblackler@gmail.com.

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