Qindar for Windows 3.0 released

Posted by jimblackler on Oct 24, 2007

Qindar 3.0

I received another request by email to update one of my wordgame programs to use the latest CSW dictionary. This time the program was Qindar for Windows (as opposed to my AJAX website Qindar.net).

As it happened I’d been sitting on an updated of Qindar for Windows for a while. Not only had I modernised the dictionaries I’d also added an analyse mode where the valid games for each turn can be viewed after a game. (They can even be viewed during the game if you turn the option on in the settings).

Not only that you can perform a basic “simulation” on moves to estimate the relative strategic value of each alternative.

Other improvements include a challenge mode other than ‘void’, plus the bots from Qindar.net. As all my wordgame programs use the game logic engine it’s easy to port over the benefits.

I’d not put this version out because I’d put a few bugs in somewhere along the line so I wanted to polish it a bit first. I’ve done that now, so I present to you Qindar 3.0. (click) Please do email me or comment here if you find any bugs with it.

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Posted by jimblackler on Oct 15, 2007