Grid rotate puzzle (Flash CS /ActionScript 3.0 for Flash Player 9)

I’ve written a simple puzzle game based on an idea I’ve been knocking around. The idea is inspired by slide puzzles and the Rubik’s Cube. Also a lesser-known puzzle called the Rubik’s Clock that I loved as a child.

The objective is to return a grid of numbers to its original form by rotating individual 2 x 2 square bocks by 90 degrees. Hard to explain but give it a go, you’ll work it out quickly I’m sure

Number puzzle grid

The grid starts out straight. You can scramble it yourself or hit the ‘Spin’ button and have it done for you (hit it again to stop the scrambling). You can also experiment with using the slider to create grids of different sizes.

It is worth pointing out something though. When I came up with the idea I thought that it would be about as difficult to complete as a standard slide puzzle. Wrong. It seems very, very difficult. People tend to get very stuck on the last row. In fact, based on a day’s play testing, nobody has yet even completed a 3 x 3 grid.

So give it a try, you could be the first.

  1. Sir’s avatar

    FIENDISH!!! Too tricky for my puny little mind! I couldn’t get the last row on the first grid! Can you do it? How lame I am! Also, how do I do my laces?

  2. Shiggity’s avatar

    I finished a 3×3 grid in rock hard mode…you just have to think far enough ahead, like in a Rubik’s cube.

  3. Charlie’s avatar

    It is a little like rubik’s cube. A few elements of group theory and you can swap any two tiles using a basic set of moves.

  4. dustin’s avatar

    how did you get the boxes to move like that? im workin on a puzzle project right now, if you dont mind, you think you can help me out with this?

  5. jimblackler’s avatar

    They’re sprites. Are you using Flash CS3 and ActionScript 3? If not, what are you using?

  6. Dooley P’s avatar

    Hmm.. I was thinking of producing a slide puzzle… but I think this would be more the fashion of puzzle I should adopt.
    I have a few theories on how you accomplished this, but off-hand I can’t decide how…

  7. kon’s avatar

    Great puzzle :) I enjoy it very much.

  8. Mike’s avatar

    3×3 in minutes. 4×4..? fugeddaboudit

  9. toshendra dalvi’s avatar

    It’s a great puzzle! Will you be able to share the tile rotation code? I want to use it in the mobile flash base puzzle that I am writing, It’s a colour matching puzzle for kids. I can share more information if you need. I will really appreciate your help in this regards.


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