QuickCalendar, an application for Android written in Java

I’ve just released a simple utility QuickCalendar onto the Android Marketplace.

It’s a simple application that displays the current and the next (or the next two) events on the notification bar of your Android phone.

I wrote it because I miss a similar feature from my last phone, a Windows Mobile device. The trickiest part was getting access to the calendar data. There is a provider for calendar data, but unlike the contacts provider it is not part of the standard SDK. However the functionality can be obtained if you get the source (Android is open source), adjust the exported items and build your own SDK.

I may write an article on how to do this if there is demand. Also I will release the source for the application when I have OKed it with my employer. In the meantime you can use the application yourself by going to the Android Marketplace on your phone and searching for QuickCalendar.


Get it from the Market, or here


New Quick Calendar icon

I’ve had some nice comments and feature requests (always welcome). As a result I’ve fixed some bugs and added some features.

  • 0.9.29:

    Search button supported on devices that have a hardware search button.
    Corporate Calendar supported on Motorola handets.
    Widgets refresh immediately when calendar is modified, when preferences are modified, and when the screen is enabled.
    Progress indicator for main page.
    Widgets to not refresh when screen is off, to save battery.
    Refresh rate can be configured in preference screen.
    Bug fixed with widget font size.

  • 0.9.18 : Cupcake version! Gadget for home page available. Colored indicators in task bar. Also: German language support.
  • 0.9.17 : Bug fix release (service not starting on phone power up since 0.9.13).
  • 0.9.16 : 24hr (aka military time) format not used in category view unless is on in phone preferences.
  • 0.9.15 : Bug fix release (preference changes not taking effect).
  • 0.9.14 : Context menu selection for time events. Day group headings correct in all time zones.
  • 0.9.13 : Now possible to specify any time (up to 999 weeks) to look ahead for notifications and for the main event list. You are not limited to the pre-set durations. New notification icons more in keeping with the Android conventions. New choice of event list format of ‘grouped by day’ or the original classic layout. Events can be shown colored by the calendar color.
  • 0.9.12 : Fixed bug introduced in 0.9.11 (time zones didn’t work). Sorry everyone. Daylight savings time should also work properly now though.
  • 0.9.11 : Improved progress indicator. Attempted bug fix on calendar preference screen.
  • 0.9.10 : Search option – now possible to search calendars! Minor cosmetic improvements.
  • 0.9.9 : New icon from Darrel Austin. Another ‘all day’ event fix. Fixed problem with apk size.
  • 0.9.8 : All day events sort correctly in all time zones. All day events future day names correct.
  • 0.9.7 : Up two four alerts. All day events work in all time zones.
  • 0.9.6 : aDogTrack support. Notification icons can be enabled in preferences.
  • 0.9.5 : Less obtrusive notify icons. Start service on power on option.
  • 0.9.4 : Ability to select/deselect calendars to alert (where you have multiple calendars).
  • 0.9.3 : Fixed problem where the notifications stopped updating.
  • 0.9.2 : Fixed problem where the time zone was ignored.
  • 0.9.1 : The first published version.

  1. Sandy’s avatar

    Is there a way to show the icon picture on the widget instead of the actual calendar? When I restored my apps backup yesterday & the widget has changed to show the calendar instead of the icon. I’m probably the only person who feels this way, but I prefer the way the icon looks & would rather go back to tapping on it to see the calendar. Thanks so much. I love the app. Use it several times a day.

  2. Cory’s avatar

    Great Widget!
    I would love to see a calendar icon on the left with the current date and when clicked, link to the main calendar app (possibly to a configurable view).
    A few other points:
    1) Is it possible to have the app in 4-wide format.
    2) If when clicking on an event, it can go to the main calendar app vs the Quick Calendar agenda (configurable I suppose).
    3) “Group by day” isn’t transferring to the widget, only on the Quick Calendar agenda screen.
    4) Is it possible to have the option to display the date of the event on top vs bottom on the widget? Just seems to flow better.

    Thanks again!

  3. Gennaro’s avatar

    Hi Jim,
    I just realized that the “en ce moment” prefix (now in english) is not only for all-day event but for all event in progress. This translation takes too much place (no left place for the event name). Why don’t represent differently in progress event? Italic? A different color?
    Thanks again

  4. Alan’s avatar

    Great widget!

    I’d love to check out the source if you’d be willing to make it available. Thanks!

  5. gat’s avatar

    Hi Jim, love the app.
    Is there a possability in the future of adding to the menu a month view with the option of starting the week on monday, with a press on a date taking you to that date in your application as in thumb cal in windows mobile?
    Many thanks, Gat

  6. Gat’s avatar

    Hi JIm, love the application.
    Is there a possability in future updates of showing a month view in the menu, with the option of starting the week on a monday, pressing a date taking you to that date in your application?
    Many thanks,Gat

  7. Gat’s avatar

    Sorry, I didn”t realise my comment was awaiting moderation before being posted, please disregard one of them.
    Thanks, Gat

  8. jimblackler’s avatar

    Thanks Gat, do you mean a separate monthly view mode with a calendar-type display?

  9. Gat’s avatar

    Exactly Jim, if it is at all possible.
    Thanks Gat.

  10. Dayna’s avatar

    Hi, Jim. I’ve noticed that once a scheduled event disappears from the widget, if you reschedule a new event the widget won’t display it UNLESS you remove the old widget then reinstall it on the home screen. Why won’t the application do it AUTOMATICALLY?

  11. alvino, arturo’s avatar

    Quick calendar does not work with my htc dream. Why?

  12. munchausen’s avatar

    hi Jim,

    yours apps is very cool but I think the design is too poor ;)

    I’ve mad a Hero skin for the 4×1 format. If you want to integrate it in your apps it’ll be cool !

    You can find it here : http://fbi84.free.fr/calendar/Qcalendar_hero.png

    Contact me if you want to modify the skin.

    Thanks !

  13. jimblackler’s avatar

    munchausen thanks for your feedback, I agree the design has big potential for a makeover.

    I intend to allow a choice of skins for QC at some point in the future. Right now I am developing an new project and don’t have time for QC, but when I go back to it I may get in touch if you would like to help me with the design generally.


  14. munchausen’s avatar

    No problem Jim !

    If i can help you, it’s a pleasure.

    Thanks and keep the good job :)

  15. Bob’s avatar

    It appears that the home screen widget displays all events that occur within 24 hours of the current time.

    I would suggest that it might be slightly more useful if it instead displayed all events that occur from the current time through to the end of the following day.

    For instance, if I’m looking at the widget on October 1st at 9am, I currently only see all events between now and 9am October 2nd. I’m suggesting that I should instead see all events between now and 11:59pm October 2nd.

  16. Nick’s avatar

    Great job so far.

    The only thing I miss (vs. the default calendar widget) is the current date. :-( Can you please add the current date? On the right side (in the relatively empty space when you have short event names) You could add a large “10” (day number) with the abbreviated day name “Sat” below the number. Right now I use the DateWidget (Transparent) in addition to this to regain the same functionality as I had with the original calendar widget.

    Also, to save space, you can replace “:00” by “” (e.g., show me just “7am” and not “7:00am”).

  17. Aaron’s avatar

    Hi Jim,

    I’m the creator of the free & popular “My Coupons” app here on the android market and was curious if you’ve released the code for this QuickCalendar project? I’m looking to add a calendar search function to the already existing “Add to Calender” option we’re using and figured yours is robust enough to include rather than rewrite. I’ll be happy to credit you within the app. Please contact via the address provided or through the marketplace “contact developer” link if you prefer. Thank you and I look forward to your reply, great work! -Aaron

  18. Bob Whelan’s avatar

    Hello Jim,
    I would be very interested in your help in understanding how to “adjust the exported items and build your own SDK”.
    If you could refer me to any materials you found helpful or any instructions you have created, I would be very appreciative.


  19. pete’s avatar

    Great app!
    Please add possibility to show day of month and week in the widget!
    Link to original calendar would be nice too.

  20. Ger’s avatar

    Thank you for the app.
    The letter type is rather small for the date and time. Can this be adjusted?

  21. Spyri’s avatar


    why i can’t choose 2×4 height for the widget in the new version 0.9.27? This was very useful!

    But Nice App!

    Greetz Spyri

  22. jimblackler’s avatar

    Hi Spryri, thanks for the comments. I haven’t changed the widget size selection, could you be mistaken?

  23. Alex’s avatar

    Hi Jim,
    Is there any way the widget could be 4×2 or 4×3 size? It would also be good if we could change the font size in the widget…

  24. Charles Vort’s avatar

    Hi Jim,
    I’ve looked at the Droid, was about to get it when I found many comments on the net re: inability to search calendar. I was under the impression that the calendar app, syncing with gmail calendar, allowed this to happen. If not, I see a reference to your program solving this ‘deal breaker’ (to me). As I’m not able to see the app (not having the phone), can you tell me: does it do a full search, list all instances (dates) when the word occurs (even in the description part of the event), provide a link to the date, appear in a separate text box, etc? Sorry for the inconvenience, but this info really would be helpful. Thanks – Charles

  25. Fredo’s avatar

    Spryi is completly right – the 2×4 size is gone in the newest version! was the best size for the widget! :(

  26. David’s avatar

    I just found Quick Calendar and love the search feature. Any way to add the corporate calendar to the list of calendars that are searched? That would make it perfect for me! Thanks.

  27. jimblackler’s avatar

    If the corporate calendar is a Google calendar, try adding it to your calendar of the account synced with your phone, using the web Google Calendar interface.

    Sometimes this is possible. Sometimes it isn’t as the corporate calendars are ‘private’ and cannot be shared.

    Once you have done this, remember to make sure it is checked in the preferences in Quick Calendar.

  28. Nithin’s avatar

    Hi Jim,

    I can’t open your application in 1.6 emulator. Whether it will work only in devices ??. When I try to launch the app. its showing, “Calendar service could not be found, Quit “. Any idea what is going wrong here.


  29. jimblackler’s avatar

    Hi Nithin

    The app works on any device or emulator that has the Google Calendar service installed. The emulators that come with the Android SDK do not include the calendar service so can’t run the app. There are ways of getting hold of emulator images that include the built-in Google apps such as the Calendar, you might be able to find out by Googling.


  30. Bob’s avatar

    Nice application. Needs a quick link to the standard Android OS calendar. Otherwise, love it.

  31. DaveW’s avatar

    When installed on a Samsung/T-Mobile Behold II there are two problems relating to color. (1) If you turn on “Events Colored”… the disappear from the display (my guess is that it’s drawing White on White). Times for the events still appear. Turn it off and you get Black on White. (2) No matter what, in notifications you only get the calendar icon, no text (Black on Black?). If you highlight it (so the background turns Blue), you get the time but no event text. I’d love to use the app, but this is a major problem . Is there any way to change the font colors (or background color) used?

  32. hal’s avatar

    Thanks for this calendar search function!!!


  33. Vijay’s avatar

    Hi Jim,

    I am a prospective android developer and I’ve worked through a lot of examples. I was wondering if you would mind sharing your code for this app. I like to learn from completed apps and deconstructing said apps. I would really appreciate it. Please e-mail me at vijayalex@gmail.com.


  34. kajdo’s avatar


    is there a way to disable the standard notifications for events shown up in your listview (notifications).

    thx – your widget looks great – will give it a shot soon

  35. jimblackler’s avatar

    Have you tried setting the number of notification to zero?

  36. Michael Papangelou’s avatar

    Please would it be possible to have an the following as
    Display the date before the appointment description.
    Display dates with no appointments.

    Also the abillity to add notes to specific user selectabled
    Dates would also be usefull.
    Many thanks

  37. Paul’s avatar

    Like you, I missed the appointment notifications from my windows mobile.
    Any chance of showing the end time and location?

  38. MattP’s avatar

    I too love the app but can’t get it to display the events listed on the Corporate Calender app that comes standard with the Droid phone. Is there a way to add this calender to the QC display?

  39. jimblackler’s avatar

    Re. the Corporate Calendar on Motorola devices, I am just about to upload a version 0.9.30 that supports this. Please let me know if it works for you.

  40. MattP’s avatar

    New update works great. Thanks a lot for the update.

  41. deb’s avatar

    Very nice, would be perfect if I could get to the actual calendar from.the widget. Since I can’t I have to have.two different calendars installed : {

  42. Juliana’s avatar

    Suddenly widget not working after update although program works from icon. Now, if try to install widget, get an invisible area on screen. This area can be seen as occupied ie grey if try to move another icon into it. Also, even though nothing can be seen, can drag the invisible area to remove. After this removal can move other icons into the previously grey space. What has happened? I was so pleased with it until now. Julian

  43. jimblackler’s avatar

    Hi Juliana, sorry to read about your issue. I’m not aware of this issue so thank you for bringing it to my attention. Could you tell me what handset you are using, and the firmware version? It’s under Settings, About Phone, Firmware Version.

  44. Andi’s avatar

    hi jim
    great work! *thumbsup* i love your little app pretty much

    is there a way to display all-day events the whole day on the widget?
    this would be great!!!

  45. Juliana’s avatar

    Model is T-Mobile G2 Touch (HTC Hero). Firmware 1.5

  46. Jon Weinberg’s avatar

    Help! Search no longer finds events in my Google calendar. Used to work


  47. Andi’s avatar

    hey jim
    my previous post is obsolet…the widget/your app works pretty well and all-day events are displayed the whole day.

  48. Juliana’s avatar

    Hi Jim, Good News! Before my post of 13/1/10 I had uninstalled and re-installed Quick Calendar but the problem remained so, sadly, I did a final uninstal. However, a few days later I installed the program again – and it worked fine – and has continued to work well. I’m so pleased as it really is the best agenda program. Cheers, Juliana.

  49. chris’s avatar

    To echo most of the comments here: great job on a very helpful app. Well done sir.
    However – I use QC mostly to “search” my calendar (a huge tool for me) and I find the search feature a bit iffy.

    It will return some search results and other searches don’t get any results. Are there any FAQ’s I should read up on that might help me narrow down how to do a search? It seems that it should be pretty straightforward but its like QC just doesn’t ‘see’ chunks of my google calendar. Any ideas or have you had comments about this before?

    I appreciate your help.

  50. jimblackler’s avatar

    Chris, I can have a crack at debugging this if you can get me more details on searches that don’t work.

    Could you set up a public Google Calendar with test events, find events that aren’t being returned in searches, and let me know what they are, with a link to the public calendar?


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